Althea Korea finally launched its own makeup line!

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After releasing their very first Althea Velvet powder, I dreamed of other makeup products from Althea because I honestly fell in love with their velvet powder. My heart rejoiced when I heard the news that Althea is finally having their own makeup products and I can't believe that I have them with me, touching and trying them out. It's real! Althea has its own makeup line! OMG!

I tried the product on my face and I love the look that I was able to make using these amazing makeup products. But before I show to you the final look, let me introduce to you my newest babies.


I soooooo love the colors of these lovely cream tints. They are very wearable and can fit even a man's lips. I love thethe natu finish look it gives plus it is very moisturizing. Perfect for dry and chapped lips like mine. They are very pigmented and long lasting. I highly recommend this one!


I live by concealer because it is like a fairy god mother's wand that can instantly transform you from being tired looking to a fresh and glowing prince or princess. What I am looking for a concealer is of course, a great amount of coverage, easy to apply, creamy, not heavy, and lastly, it must have a stunning finish. All of that I found in the Althea Korea's Flawless Creamy Concealer. It instantly brightened my under eyes plus I love that it gives moisture too. That's big bonus for me!


I am not really into palette and I honestly doubted if I can even use this palette that they sent me. After seeing the colors, hearts flashed from my eyes because there are colors that I can actually use and play around. I personally love the light matte brown color because it creates definition and depth to my sparkling eyes. I only use my fingers using this palette and the application is seamless. I also like the fact that it's not chalky. Amazing eye palette I must say! I so love the quality.


Another thing that I thought I can't use. But my creative mind told me that I can actually use this eye glitter so I put a little amount on my tear duct to create an illusion that I'm wide awake and fresh! I so love how it makes my eyes so alive and glowing! It dries really quickly plus it is long wearing.


Since I have an acne-prone and sensitive skin, I need to make sure that I have a smooth canvas before applying makeup. This spot film gel from Althea is a perfect treatment if you have acne and want to put on makeup. It coats the bump to make sure that it won't be affected by makeup while actually healing it to dry really fast. It contains Centella Asiatica and tea tree extract to help fight infection and give skin relief.

As promised, I am going to share you the final look I made using this makeup products. I was able to pull this fresh makeup look and wear it on my Facebook Live session in Lazada.

If you guys want to order these newest makeup products, I highly encourage you to do so by visiting: they are amazing, high quality and skin friendly. :)

Picking the Right Bicycle for Your Intended Use

by 1:34 AM
You have finally decided that you are going to start bike riding outdoors. This can be fun for you especially when you begin to have your favorite places to ride. Cycling can be your chance to reconnect with nature and at the same time, improve your health.

The only problem is you do not know how you are going to pick the right bike just yet. You may be searching for men’s bike but it is just so hard to narrow down your search. There are so many types available that picking the right one will be complicated. At the back of your mind, you are thinking what if you choose the wrong bike?

Do not worry because right now, you will get learn some tips on how you can find the bike that will best fit your needs. The best women’s bicycle is not something that everyone will love. It should be something that will be perfect for you. This means that you do not necessarily have to pick the most popular bike right now. You can check the bike and feel if it is the best one for your needs.

  1. Decide on a budget but provide some allowances. The bike that you want may not exactly fall under your budget but you can consider the bike’s many features. Will the extra price that you have to pay for it enough to make you want to ride your bike well? Just remember not to go overboard. You should have an idea about what you can and cannot afford. 
  2. What do you want to do with your bike? Knowing your bike’s purpose can help you decide on the right bike to choose. If you want a more versatile type of bike, the hybrid bike can be perfect for your various needs too. 
  3. Consider the right upgrades in order to improve the way you ride your bike. There is one thing that you should remember - if you are still a beginner, you can enjoy your stock parts first. You will get a better idea of the things that you want to upgrade the more that you ride your bike.

Are you ready to pick the right bike depending on how you will use it? Hopefully, the tips mentioned above will be enough.

A Few Tips to Keep Your ATV Well-Maintained

by 1:27 AM
When you purchased your ATV, you felt that you ca already do the off-road adventures that you have always wanted. You have later realized that you cannot use your ATV all the time. When was the last time that you have paid attention to it? Now is the time to get your ATV out of its storage. You can make a run through of how your ATV looks like and if the parts are still intact. If not, you can always look for atv parts for sale that can replace those that do not work anymore.

It will be hard to first drive your ATV especially if you have not ridden it for more than a few months. You need to be more meticulous about checking if all of the safety features of the ATV are still working. If some are not doing their job anymore, you can check honda replacement parts for more details.

These are the things that you can do so that you can turn your ATV again into the type of machine that it is supposed to be:

  • You have to make sure that the battery is working properly. The ATV battery is usually fine and will last throughout the different seasons but the time will come when it will not work perfectly anymore. It is especially important to check your battery after you have stored your ATV for the winter. Just check if it is still working and if some areas have corroded.

  • Check the fluid levels of your ATV. You may be wondering why this is necessary as this is something that you have associated with cars. Like cars, your ATV is a machine and you need to recheck things properly. Consider if you need to drain the oil. It would depend on the ATV model that you have.

  • Always take a look at your tires. Do you have the perfect atv mud tires? It may have been perfect when your ATV is new but now that it isn’t, you can start searching for potential replacements.

Maintaining your ATV does not have to be hard as long as you would follow the details mentioned above.

How are UTI's Caused and How Can They be Treated?

by 10:40 PM
What is the meaning of UTI? UTI is an infection that occurs in the uterus of females. The full-form of UTI is Urinary Tract Infection. Nowadays, this is the most common infection that is happening in the uterus of every third girl. When the E.coli bacteria enter the urethra of the females then this urinary tract infection is caused.

What are symptoms of a female suffering from UTI? There are so many symptoms that tell us that the girl is suffering from UTI. Some of the symptoms are mentioned below:

1. A painful and burning sensation is caused when girls go to pee or urinate. This is the first symptom of this infection..

2. Sometimes the urine that is passed is dark, cloudy and bloody with a foul smell.

3. The female suffering from this infection has an intense and frequent need to urinate. This is also the most common problem of this infection.

4. The female suffers from pain in the lower abdomen, pelvic regions and sometimes on the sides also.

5. Fever, vomiting, nausea, and chills are the common problem of every infection. These are also the problems that occur in this infection also.

What do you mean by cystitis? Cystitis term refers to inflammation of the bladder and is also known as a bladder infection. It is a type of urinary tract infection that occurs in the bladder of females. This cystitis occurs when E.coli bacteria enter the urethra and then climbs up the bladder where they bind the bladder, multiplies and cause a serious infection.

How to prevent UTI bacteria? There are so many methods that help out females to prevent these UTI bacteria. Some of the methods for prevention are written below:

1. Post-sex-pee: the female should pee and flush out all the bacteria that have entered the urinary tract during the sex.

2. The females should always wash the pelvic regions when switching off from anal to vaginal sex.

3. To prevent this infection or bacteria females should take showers instead of having the bath.

4. The females should wear cotton undies and should get commando at night so that the air goes into your area.

5. Females can also use UTI prevention drink, pills to cure out this infection.

These above-mentioned are the factors that will help females to cure this Urinary Tract Infection. 

Some pills and drinks that should be used by females to cure out this Urinary Tract Infection are mentioned below:

1. Target Drink-Mix: This is a UTI prevention drink that females should use to cure the infections.

How to take this drink?

Females should mix one packet of this drink in 8-12 ounces of water and they should drink it after sex.

How this drink does help in removing bacteria?

This drink helps in flushing out the new bacteria that have been introduced during the activities, like sex. This is how this drink helps out ladies to cure UTI’s.

2. Control daily capsules: This is daily UTI prevention pill that will help out ladies to cure the infection. 

How to take the pills?

Females should take two capsules daily with water.

How these capsules remove the bacteria? 

These capsules fight the old bacteria so that there is no multiplication of bacteria in the urinary tract. This is how these two medicines help in curing UTI’s.

How to Stop Sweaty Underarms? Basang Kilikili No More!

by 6:05 PM
This is the type of blog post I know a lot of people can relate. I have been suffering from sweaty underarms or Hyperhidrosis for the longest time and I know for sure, I'm not alone in this problem. I have tried numerous of remedies both natural and commercial to combat the never ending storm of my armpits but non of them resulted to permanent solution.

Then I learned about Dermadry. It is a trusted solution showcased on the International Hyperhidrosis Society's website. Dermadry offers a solution for people who suffer from palmar (hands), plantar (feet) and axillary (underarms) hyperhidrosis that is needle-free and drug-free. Wow! How cool is this device? But wait, is it really effective?

How it works? According to their website, Dermadry is a tap water iontophoresis device. This technology works by directing a small current through the skin, neutralizing the connections between the sweat nerves and sweat glands. For the vast majority of cases, this treatment drastically reduces excessive sweating.

Studies have shown that tap water iontophoresis devices such as Dermadry are extremely effective in the treatment of excessive sweating. These studies report that the success rates of these devices can reach 93%2, 98.5%3 and even 100%4 of patients treated for hyperhidrosis.

I'm personally using the product for more than 5 weeks now and I can confidently say that this device really works! As in it does the job in reducing the sweating of my armpits! On my first week, I experienced excessive sweating like exaggerated than usual and I was shooked because I thought it's making the condition even worst. So I started making a research and found out that it is normal as our sweat glands are starting to adjust for the amazing things that are about to happen.

So I continued using the product performing the treatment all by myself every other day and I am really amazed by the result. It really made the sweating of my underarms very minimal. I mean I still sweat but it is very little not like I would normally get before this treatment. I am now on the stage where the sweat doesn't stain on my shirt anymore and I am really happy about it.

Though, I am experiencing small electric feels on my armpits whenever I'm performing the treatment, but it is very tolerable and normal. It is not bothering at all. Also, the only side effect that I noticed is my armpit is getting dry most of the time especially at nights. I see dry patches on my underarms so I'm putting on some aloe vera gel or lotion every night before going to bed.

According to their website, DO NOT use this device if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Cardiac pacemaker
  • ICD (implantable cardioverter defibrillator)
  • Suspected or diagnosed heart problems (e.g. cardiac arrhythmia)
  • Seizure disorders (epilepsy)
  • Pregnant or suspected pregnancy
  • Metal-containing intrauterine device (IUD)
  • Metallic implants
  • Large skin lesions and lesions that cannot be covered with petroleum jelly
  • Numbness in the treated areas
  • Infections or irritated skin
  • Impaired sensation in hands, underarms or feet (e.g. polyneuropathy)
  • Malignant disorders in the area of application
  • Severe vascular disorders (e.g. local inflammation or thrombosis)

All in all, I highly recommend the Dermadry to anyone suffering from Hyperhidrosis. This product really works and it is true to its promises. I'm really enjoying its benefits now and I can't wait to hear your story too! If you wish to order Dermadry, just visit:

I created a video on how I use this product while I'm sharing my honest feedback on my YouTube channel. You can also watch the video below:

3 Reasons Why the Beauty Glow Glutathione Capsule is a MUST TRY!

by 4:48 PM
Glutathione is an effective antioxidant. The main effect in using it for skin whitening is most likely a side effect of making the skin lighter as it protects the cells from free radicals responsible for skin pigmentation and blemishes. That's why a lot of us, yes, including me is going gaga when there's a newly released glutathione brand in the country.

The Beauty Glow Glutathione Capsule is a neophyte brand here in the Philippines. If you are a glutathione fan, here are some of the reasons why you should be excited to try this product.

1. Great ingredients

Personally, before buying any kind of supplements, the first thing that I'm checking is the ingredients. It is so important that you know every single content of the capsule you are going to take. The Beauty Glow Glutathione Capsule contains: 500mg of Glutathione, 150mg of N-Acetylcysteine , 100mg of Vitamin C, and 100mg of Rosehips. What an amazing combination of ingredients to strengthen the immune system and maximum skin whitening.

2. Made in Japan

Yes, you head it right, the Beauty Glow Glutathione Capsule is made from the land of the rising sun, Japan! As we all know, Japan is one of the primary supplier of glutathione in Asia and around the globe. Based on my experience, Japan made glutathione are really really good! I have reviewed a lot of glutathione brands that are made in Japan.

3. Affordable

The fact that the Beauty Glow Glutathione Capsule is made in Japan and the line of ingredients are really amazing, I am expecting a higher price point for this new glutathione brand. To my surprise, the Beauty Glow Glutathione Capsule only retails for ₱1,185.00 per bottle of 60 capsules. What?? Yes! That's incredibly insane! By far, it is one of the most affordable glutathione (60s) available here in the Philippines.

Considering its ingredients, price point, and manufacturer, the Beauty Glow Glutathione Capsule for me is a must try! Go ahead and snatch it baby and let me know your experience about it because I'm super excited to try it too!

Important Information:

For orders and inquiries, you may message Beauty Glow Essentials on Facebook:

Traveling to NYC, USA? Visit the Best Beauty Stores in NYC

by 11:03 PM

You would agree with me that New York is one of the beautiful cities in the world and the most expensive city in the United States. No doubt, the city is above par in the general terms of attractiveness.

New York City is loaded with tons of spas, salons, and shops that give you a never-ending adventure experience and touristing pleasure. It is nearly impossible to visit them all. But a guide to the best beauty stores in NYC will make it hassle-free for you explore and enjoy an incredible experience.  

1. CAP Beauty

If you are looking for a one-stop shop in NYC for clean and pure beauty, CAP beauty is the destination of natural beauty located in West village 238 W 10th Street. The philosophy of the beauty store is that beauty is wellness and wellness is a beauty. This is why the shelves of CAP are filled with entirely natural products. Due to its all-things-natural approach, the beauty store has already attained a cult following among the celebrity set. The brand stock more than 150 brands of products teeming with life force and nutrient.

From superfoods and ingestible beauty powders to face oils, everything you find in the store is 100 percent synthetic free. CAP also has a team of fabulous estheticians that ensure you have a sweet experience by treating yourself at the spa if you are not ready to jump into natural beauty.

Shen Beauty is a beauty niche and a relevant curator of hard to find natural beauty. So if you are traveling to NYC, USA and want cool brands, you can go to Shen Beauty. Shopping there is a thrill because they are famous when it comes to searching for and detecting next-big-thing brands for customer’s satisfaction. From their skin care products and makeup to the hair, nails, and scent brands everything in the beauty store is nontoxic and super clean.

The spa treatments are a brilliant secret. It offers an ultimate skin transforming facial, air removal, brow shaping, massages to mention a few. The Shop is located in Brooklyn, 315 Court Street. When you swing the door open, you will definitely not be disappointed as you will fall into the mecca of eye-catching beauty. As you step in you will see the shelves loaded with brands of beauty products you might have never heard of.

If you wish to visit one of the best beauty stores in NYC head to Space NK Apothecary. There, you can lay your hands on hard-to-find brands of luxurious beauty. The store is located in different places in NYC, and these are:

· Bloomingdales 59th Street 1000 3rd Avenue
· 630 Old Country Rd Garden City
· Bloomingdales Soho 504 Broadway
· 229 Bedford Avenue (at N. 4th Street) Brooklyn
· 175 Bloomingdale Rd White Plains
· 31 Prince Street

The shelves of the store are bursting with cult makeup, fragrance, and skincare products. From the favorite fragrant brands such as Malin + Goetz and Byredo to natural skin care guru Tata Herper, you can get a beauty treats like no other. The mirrored walls and white interior that the store features serves as a bonus to your trip to the store as it will leave you feeling cleansed.

4. Credo Beauty

Credo Beauty is one of the must-shop stores in NYC for eco-conscious beauty addicts. It is located at 9 Prince Street. You can have a good beauty buy here because it is mainly green beauty which is equivalent to Sephora. There are lots of exclusive natural beauty products flying off the shelves of Credo each day.
They offer 75 beauty brand, and most of them are newly existing ones which hardly existed five years ago. Visiting Credo in NYC can leave you with a full bag, full of guilt because the products they provide are cruelty-free, clean and safe. Some of the top brands they offer are Juice Beauty, Goop, RMS Beauty, Ilia, Ursa Major to mention a few.

When you can smell the aromatherapy goodness from a few meters away, then you could be assured of finding an Aesop store nearby. It has stores at different locations in NYC where trained consultants will be pleased to host you and assist with selection of gifts. The beauty store is located at 438 West Broadway, 341 Bleecker Street, and 77 Greenwich Avenue.  Its therapeutic skincare line, home fragrance product, and minimalistic design will make the store feel like a home away from home.

6. New London Pharmacy

Who told you that you couldn’t get the beauty of a French-girl in NYC? You can make New London Pharmacy located at 246 8th Avenue, Chelsea New York City your top pick to prove them wrong. They offer assortments of high-end beauty products that you would think you could only get in Paris. Some of the top brands they offer are Molton Brown, Bioderma, Tata Harper, Caudalie, and L'Occitane.

Located at different locations in New York, you can experiment with Sephora colorful and cheap in-house line. The store carries more than 13,000 beauty products. When you visit Sephora, you can take group beauty classes, and narrow down the products that best suit your skin using skincare IQ diagnostic offered by the store.  You can enjoy more of these by visiting Sephora store at 34th Street in New York.

What Do You Need To Travel To NYC, USA?

It is one thing to plan to visit the best beauty stores in NYC, and it is another thing to be sure about the requirements you have to meet. You have to consider an application for an ESTA or Visa to successfully travel to the USA.

If you are a citizen of one of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) countries you need to apply for an ESTA. You might be probably wondering or asking yourself “what is visa waiver program?” It is a program of the US government which gives the opportunity to citizens of the specific country to travel to the US for up to 90 days without obtaining a visa, and this is applicable when the ESTA is approved. But remember to always check your ESTA application status before traveling to the US.
On the other hand, if you are not a citizen of the VWP countries, you will have to apply for a visa instead of ESTA. However, you need to fulfill some basic US visa application requirements
With so many spas, salons, and shops in NYC it is tempting to list all of them, but a visit to the best beauty stores discussed above can make your trip to the USA something to always remember.
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