Hello Awesome! Yes, you're awesome because of two things. First, you were born to be awesome and secondly, you're awesome because you're visiting this awesome blog! :)

I established this website on my own since I am an HRM graduate and my course isn't related to this writing, blogging and social media world, I did my research and learned all of these by watching YouTube videos and reading blogs. See, I also read blogs and I love reading blogs because most of them are authentic and personal. 😊

I have worked with different international and local renowned brands so I am hankering to work with you too. 😊❤

My first ever commercial woohoo! 😍 

My Collaboration with Brand Magazine and VitaPack Health and Beauty
GMA Interview about Cyber Bullying

This cool guy from the province of Nueva Ecija believes that being true to who you are is awesome.

Our Anti Cyber bullying campaign with GMA

Being the number 1 Male Beauty Blogger in the Philippines and one of the leading Lifestyle Blogs in the country (as proclaimed by my most of you ❤), rest assured that you'll be reading more random craziness and unbiased reviews because I love you so much so keep in touch bes! 😊❤
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