Thank you 2016 | Cheers for a happier and prosperous 2017

This will be my first time to write a year-end essay and to be honest, I do not know how and where to start. I guess I should just start with what my heart wants to say. I also want this essay to be the first Filipino or Tagalog content here in our humble blog so let's get started. 

First of all, pasensyahan po because I am not that good or skilled in the letter in Tagalog or Filipino so I can write just based on how I word. 

I want to thank Father God to guide her to me, to my family and friends. I want to thank God the Father to give me his skill, intelligence, diligence and patience to bring sainyo of useful blog posts. I want to thank God for using me to be his instruments and inspire others. Note that I have always had sshare the words of God on my Facebook page. That's because I napapagaan it is my will and the more I got to iinspire and become positive every day, so I would pasamatan people always llike posts though it's not related to my blog. Thanks Mokona Modoki, bianne, felizanne and Jheng Bautista. I feel I always support me in whatever I post. Thanks a lot also to all VanityFriends tortoiseshell Ivan, Aaron, Edward, Alexander, Dennis, Lei, raezel, Allana, Alyssa Eunice, Jena, Jemma, Denise, Blanca Carla, Denise, Sandra, Kiev Lance, Maj, Michele, Tess Ferrer, Ahbie, Chelli, Joanna Teves, Arleen, John Iver, Wheng, Melody, Sam Aguilar, Olivia Duran, with Sheena, Joaquin Fey and many more for you guys I mention I have one. As nadin nadin new and silent readers and viewers us. Guys! Thank you all divorce. Thanks to the continued support nyong a giveaway or not. Allergy touch you guys too much. I am glad because the solid support just anyone nyo ba than among heavy bloggers. Thank you anyway because you sstay even wlang giveaway so I feel that genuine love me here in friendship that we developed. Thank you. 😊😍 

My 2016 is like a roller coaster ride, sometimes up and sometimes down. Twice I have hospitals in 2016. I experienced depression, panic disorder and anxiety. I stopped my smoking to help them with the pain medication I thought. Yes, I'm sick of thinking, but I do not mean that I am mad or not wisyo. Many of us nakadaranas of depression and anxiety. Actually I was not easy, this is one of the tests that I know hard to overtake. As they say, the most difficult opponent is yourself. I feel that twinge in the chest with papanic to you that because you thought that death and attack you. Check the doctors who fixed my heart and no problem. I do not want to hear bad news because the climber acid and suddenly I'm nervous and seems to ccollapse. Feeling that the motor has passed and those loud sound suddenly kakabog chest and you have to explode. Feeling that you can not eat, I feel that fear can arise because you are concerned that you might atakahin anxiety or panic disorder during the event or while spending time with your friends. Feeling that you're afraid to get out and bonding with other people. Yes I experienced it and I continue padin experience. But I'm happy because I have so much I control myself.

I want to thank my partner in spite of all that we go through, I'm not left her and she always nandyaan to remind me that I am MJ positive and joyful person. Even when I am wondering why everyone why I am cheerful, why am I still was able to take advice, why am I still smart, I'm still very positive thinker who was struck by anxiety and panic attacks. Then I realized that that's why God gave it to me because she knows I can. And I believe that I am prepared to become master of inspiration to others. I felt better as I gave all I think pain and negative is not true and only cause of my anxiety and panic disorder. Ok I just make that right a separate blog post about it. 

Despite the pain and discomfort that I thought was the path that many doors open to me grow as a person, I met more real friends as all #VanityFriends, they Princess, Jacqy Shaira and Louie and much more. Let us be accepted various awards and recognition from various organizations. 

Yes I want to thank you who read it to keep the support and love for Vanity Room Philippines. Thank you, I know enough words to express my genuine gratitude. Its like you give me the courage and confidence to write more blog posts and many make a lot of YouTube videos. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

Now that 2017 is the more I have to eexcite to do so many articles and videos. I am excited to be an inspiration to more people. I hope I will continue to support me and I shall continue at our friendship that we have started. Please bless me and the family of our master. I love you all. Mwaaa! 

Thank you, thank you that you are so kind! Happy new year !! 😊❤

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